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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sculpting Dolls - The Creagers

There are many wonderful books and videos out there to help the doll artists. The Creagers are amazing doll artists who have shared major parts of their videos to explain how to model a doll head using Super Sculpey

You can visit the Creagers at their blog or at their website.


  1. Thank you Megan - a very informative post. I have also enjoyed visiting the blogs on your list.

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  4. Wow, I am in awe. I went out the other day and bought all the things I "thought" I needed and was going to try to teach myself how to sculpt. Not now...I need to visit your Blog! You are FANTASTIC!

  5. You’re so great! Watching make that character doll made everything very simple and easy to do. A character doll is very unique and much more appealing compare to others. I have seen a lot of beautiful dolls in 18 inch doll clothes but this is a first time that I have come across with character dolls. My girlfriend loves dolls and these would be the best gift she’d probably received with doll clothes for 18 inch dolldoll clothes for 18 inch doll. I know she hasn’t had a doll with such a character as this.

  6. I stumbled across your blog today, while on the One World One Heart Event, you know- how you see something that catches your eye and your not sure how you got there. Well. I'm here. I saw your comments for the Creagers, I too, have their DVD's. They're just wonderful. Oh...she makes it look so easy, Aye? I love their work too. I am a doll artist, still learning, and loving it.

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